Shoutout to Sephora’s Customer Service

I would just like to share my amazing experience with Sephora’s customer service. Yesterday I had attempted to order the new Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette and everything was going fine until I went to check out. I had entered in all my card information as I had gotten a new card and it was not linked to my account. I had been trying to pay with my Visa Debit card and then I had gotten an error that the transaction could not be completed.. I was a little annoyed but I would survive. I had then logged into my bank account to realize that they had taken out the $66 for the palette even tho the transaction did not go through.

I was LIVID, the palette had been a christmas gift for my from my grandparents and I did not have an extra $66 to order a new one and it would not be in by Christmas even if I did…

*note this was all happening at 4 in the morning.

I did not think that their 1-800 line would be opened at this time so I instead sent them a direct message on Twitter as all their tweets told people with problems to do so. I had explained everything to them and had gotten back a response shortly after 9 am when they opened explaining what happened and that they would try to speed up the process but it would still take 3-7 days for the funds to re-appear in my account. I then received another message a few hours later saying that they had talked to another department and had gotten the funds released and they would re-appear within 48 hours. I was one happy camper, and then I had actually logged back into my account and had seen that the funds were back there, not even an hour after they had sent the message.

I had always loved Sephora for their products and their amazing customer service in stores, but this just took my love and appreciation for them one step farther and they can be promised I will continue shopping with them.


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