emp·ty • ˈem(p)tē/ • adjective

I finally decided to go through my makeup and throw out my empties. But before I could do that I decided to post them here and put my thoughts, and if I would repurchase or if I already have repurchased.

Too Faced Size Queen– I absolutely loved this mascara, the brush especially, but when I went to repurchase this a few months ago at Sephora they didn’t carry it. I guess I’ll have to check online. Since yes I would 100% repurchase, the brush is so big and it makes my lashes so voluminous.

Too Faced Better than Sex– I had got this mascara in a holiday set from Sephora and it’s okay, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite mascara ever, but it does a pretty good job. And as for repurchase I had gotten a few more deluxe samples from other sets so I never had to repurchase.
Benefit They’re Real!– It’s been so long since I had purchased this mascara I don’t even remember fully how it worked. If I remember correctly it tugged on my lashes, so I wasn’t a fan of the brush but I did enjoy the way it made my lashes look so natural.
MUFE Smoky Extravagant– I don’t know how I managed to get like 5 samples of this mascara but I still have so many and I’m not that big of a fan to be completely honest. I think this one dried out before I could even use it all. With that being said I have no need to repurchase with the amount I have left. And even if I had to I wouldn’t repurchase.
Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes!- I LOVED this mascara for he longest time, I had gotten multiple samples from tarte sets, as well as an Ipsy bag and I used it for so long. I still have some unused bottles, and it’s still one of my favourites. But I also might have replaced it with their new Tarteist lash paint.
MAC Studio Fix– this is still my go to powder and I have been repurchasing for 3 years now. I love the finish and love how full coverage it is for a powder.
Vasanti Brighten Up– I’ve already had a whole post about this. If you missed it go back and check out my review because this is hands down the most amazing cleanser and I’m almost done my full sized bottle.
Julep Blank Canvas– I wasn’t a huge fan of this primer. I found that it dried up very quickly, or that there wasn’t that much product in the container. With that being said I would not repurchase


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