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(Not So) Little Update + Goals

Well first and foremost, I guess I took a little hiatus on my blog… and by little I mean make 2 posts then forget about it and come back 8 months later, one post then forget about it for almost a month. BUT IM BACK!! With a new look and ain’t she purdy?, I used my handy dandy graphic design skills that I’ve learned so far (I still have a year and a half left of school) and completely rebranded myself and made a twitter (psssst. check it out here)

But besides the rebrand of my blog I suppose I will fill you in on a little bit more of my life since I last posted in December. I had my baby!! February 20th, 4:02pm to be exact is when I welcomed Bentley into this world. Now that’s partially the reason I have gone away… it’s tough being a new mother, a young and single one at that. He certainly keeps me on my feet, and although I’ve been posting on my Instagram I really just haven’t had the time or the energy to post on here. But now he’s 7 months old and starting to be able to play with toys/keeping himself occupied so I have a lot more free time, I decided I am going to dedicate myself to my blog. (I’m actually writing this as he lays beside me playing with my stuffed Olaf thats bigger than him and staring at my string lights on the wall)

My Instagram hasn’t been slacking, I’m fairly proud of myself actually. My goal was to hit 100 followers by September 1 (Which I did, 101 to be exact), and it’s now September 21 and I am at 128. It’s a bit of a long shot but my goal is now 150 by October 1.

Besides being a new mom, I’ve had many other changes in my life. My skin has changed so much (heeeeeelp why’s my skin so oily?), my hair shrunk, totally kidding but not really, I got almost a FOOT chopped off and I’m still not sure if I love it or I miss my old hair. But on the other hand its sooooo much healthier, no more stringy ends patches of old colour coming out or dead ends; WOO HOO! and with all the changes in my life I guess that leads me to my next topic… Goals.

Is it too late to start a “New Years Resolution” in September? How about a “By New Years Resolution”? Lets make this a thing ok, lets use the hashtag #ByNewYearsResolution and tag me @daniemarieexo.

Speaking of my #BNYR lets get started with my list
Dedicate myself to posting regularly on here as well as all my other social media
Reach 500 friends on Instagram/Twitter
Work with one company
Do a giveaway
and the most important one… Be the best momma I can for my little man.

Another goal I have is to become a member of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers, I’ve heard nothing but great things from a fellow beauty blogger I met at Ipsy’s Generation Beauty Toronto in May, Classy on the Run. I won’t ramble on about GenBeauty in this post because seriously.. I could write a whole post on how amazing the experience was.

I should probably wrap this post up because…
a) Its almost midnight
b) Bentley finally stopped staring at the lights and fell asleep so I have to put him in his crib
c) This post is getting pretty long
d) I’m exhausted
e) I have an eye doctors appointment in the morning.

Goodnight loves and I promise to write soon
– Danielle


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