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Cheap Thrills: Dollar Store Finds

So here is mimg_1478y first instalment of “Cheap Thrills: Dollar Store Finds” and in this post I will be discussing the “Neat and Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips”  I had found these the other day when I was picking up the jars to put my DIY pumpkin spice sugar scrub in. (don’t forget to check out that post if you missed it!!) These were $3.00 for a pack of 10 opposed to the Biore nose strips which retail for about $8.00 at Walmart for a pack of 8. With that being said I always hate spending the money to get them, as much as I hate those pesky blackheads on my nose.

I was a little skeptical on how well these would work because well IMG_1490.PNGlets face it… there are many things from the dollar store that don’t work very well. Little to my surprise these actually work pretty well. I had to use 2 of them because the first I did not let dry fully so it did not get any of the pores in the middle of the nose as you can see from the image on the left. So I wiped off all the excess goo from the strip and was back to stage 1 to see how well they work when Danielle is not a complete idiot.

After the 20 or so minutes passed it was time to remove the strip again and get the final outcome of the strips. Now there wasn’t too much guIMG_1494.JPGnk on the second strip but there was a decent amount, and after looking in the mirror it was noticeable of how much smaller my pore were. I’m going to post a picture and please ignore the awkward angle of my face, my lazy looking eye and the breakout on my chin, but it shows the final results of strips and why I am so impressed with them.

Overall the for about a third of the cost of Biore strips it does almost as good as a job as them, so I would say this is definitely a dollar store win. But I will mention the downside of them smelling funky. But if you can get past that I would recommend these to anyone.


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