I Heart Fall: TAG

I know I’ve mentioned this so many times, but I just LOVE fall. It’s just something about the pretty colours, cooler weather, scarves, PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself today, I was sitting in the food court of our local mall drinking my Pumpkin Pie Matcha Latte from DAVIDsTEA (BEST THING EVER!!), wearing my moccasins, high socks, skirt and a scarf waiting for my interview at Bath and Body Works* and texting my best friend Sarah on my rose gold iPhone joking about how basic I felt, and she replied that all I needed was Roxy with me (who’s half pug. yes… I know I’m a stereotypical “white girl”)

I just can’t help it, it’s literally my favourite season, and it means that Christmas is that much closer (I love Christmas even more than I love fall, so be prepared for an abundance of holiday posts after my fall ones)

I have spent countless hours trying to find a fall tag to do but I’m not having the best of luck so I am going to try and create my own version of one, so please bear with me here. I mean I also haven’t been tagged by anyone, so I guess I’m kind of tagging myself, well because I can. But I am going to tag Alanna to complete the tag as well!

So without anymore hesitations or my rambling on about pumpkins and how much I love fall, lets get onto the question!

What is your favourite fall colour?
Maroon, there’s just something so warming and cozy about it! I’m currently rocking it on my toes

What is your favourite fall lip product? 
I guess it’s kind of my fave all year around, but the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade committed. Its such a pretty nudish/pink with an amazing formula. I’m so afraid to try dark colours on my lips, well aside from red. I might will be more adventurous and try out some bold colours tho

What is your favourite fall accessory?  
Scarves, I only have a few, but getting more is on my to-do list because I love wearing long sleeve white shirts with a cute scarf over it

What is your favourite fall nail polish? 
I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the colour, but it is a deep maroon by Ciate that I currently have on my toes from last months Ipsy bag.

Update: It’s called Dangerous Affair

What is your favourite fall scent? 
Oh my goodness, Bath and Body works just came out with 5 new fall scents and they are literally heaven… and they had a $5 sale the other day so I got the full trio of Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte and Pumpkin Cupcake. If I had to choose only 1 favourite scent it would be the Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte because my goodness I just, go smell it please.

What is your favourite fall fashion?
Flannel, oversized men’s plaid button downs. So comfy, and cute in a “I didn’t want to put in a ton of effort” kind of way. I’m guilty of buying 3 different ones and I live in them.

What is your favourite fall Starbucks drink? 
Now I HATE pumpkin spice lattes… mainly because I hate the taste of espresso. But I would have to say it is a white hot chocolate with a shot of pumpkin spice. But my favourite fall drink is the Pumpkin Pie Matcha latte from DAVIDsTEA.

What is your favourite thing about fall? 
I can’t even narrow it down to one thing. How about everything. That’s my final answer.

Not beauty related but…

What are you being for halloween? 
Bentley’s being a monkey, I’m thinking about being a mermaid so I can do some cool mermaid-y makeup and post a tutorial here. Even If I don’t I’m still going to try some cool mermaid makeup looks.


*I found out at the interview it was for a totally different position than I applied for, so I had told them I wasn’t interested


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