Mom Beauty Hacks

Being a new mom I know just how expensive and stressful it can be. Every time you see something new it’s “Oh I need to get this for *insert baby name here*!” Well “Super Mom” here, in this post I am going to give you some very clever beauty hacks to leave you with some extra money for the baby (because we all know were guilty of buying everything for them) or picking up that new lipstick you’ve been dying to try.

When spending all that money on baby necessities did you ever stop and think that maybe some of them would be beneficial for yourself? baby powder, baby oil, wipes,  shampoo, diapers? They can all be used for beauty reasons, well okay maybe not the diapers unless you’re super creative and can come up with some brilliant hack, and for that I would give you props!

Without dragging on with my mom brain nonsense lets get into these hacks (because we all know this is the reason you’re here! 😉

  1. Oily roots? Save money on dry shampoo, Baby Powder can be used to soak up excess oils in your hair. It works on all hair colours, but if you have dark hair you will want to brush it out really good because it does tend to make your hair lighter, if you’re blonde you don’t really have too much to worry about.
  2. Unruly frizz? Baby Lotion can be used to tame those flyaways. Take a very small amount and run through the ends of hair to tame the fly aways. Be careful not to use too much as it can make your hair greasy, but this hack is perfect for when you’re out in public because changes are you have it in your diaper bag.
  3. Ready to take off your makeup? Why go out and buy those 10$ makeup wipes when you already have 1000s of Baby Wipes. Seriously tho, I get a case from Walmart for under $20 that lasts me over 3 months between my son and I. Plus you know they are gentle enough for a baby’s bottom so you can trust them on your face.
  4. Smudged mascara? Simply dip a q-tip in a bit of  Baby Oil and rub it over the smear and it will take it away like magic. Again be careful not to use too much or you face will look oily.
  5. This hack is not strictly using baby items, but more so a mommy in general hack. Pack extra hair elastics, chapstick or any other beauty items you might need in the diaper bag. If you have the baby with you chances are you will end up with your hair up anyways.
  6. Makeup Stains? Dreft Baby Stain Remover* is my best friend, not only do I have a messy 7 month old I am also the world messiest person. This stain remover removes poop, baby food, puke and just about every possible baby stain, but as a plus it also works for makeup and period stains. (Given you put it on right away and let it sit)
  7. Dirty brushes? I think this is a given, but Baby Shampoo is probably the best and cheapest cleanser you will find your brushes. Not only is it gentle, it gets the makeup off and even smells fantastic. It is also a fraction of the cost of any other makeup brush cleanser you will find.

*This was purchased in america for $2.98, but I am not sure if you are able to buy it in Canada.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found out a few new beauty hacks and I do apologize for the lack of pictures as I am currently out of town childless and don’t have any baby items to take pictures of!

xo Danielle



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