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Ipsy Septemeber 2016 “Glamazon” Review 

When I first found out the theme was glamazon I honestly had no idea what to expect the bag to look like. And I’m not going to lie, when I first say the sneak peak I did not like it at all, once I got the bag I slowly started to like it a little more. I mean in no way is it my favourite bag I’ve got, but it certainly isn’t my least favourite. The gold isn’t a super metallic gold, more of a dull gold but I find it goes perfectly with grey “grainy” pattern on the whole bag.  

I think the coolest part of the bag would have to be the girls, while I don’t really like the way they are drawn on, I love how they are spelling out “ipsy” with their bodies. 

But enough about the bag itself let’s get into the good stuff. The 5 products that come inside, for me I received a hair product, a lotion, a highlighter, a brush and a lip plumping gloss. 

The first item I will talk about is the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. I was so excited to find out I was getting this in my bag but I have to say this is the biggest disappointment. I mean I absolutely love Too Faced and every product that I’ve tried from them, and this is the first I do not like. When I personally tried it on it felt fine at first then after about a minute my lips felt like a mix of being on fire, and being stung by a bee. It was just a horrible feeling, now I know lip plumpers are supposed to irritate your lip and that’s what makes them look plump, but after that horrible sensation wore off my lips were just red around them and they did not look any plumper. However the glossy effect from it is very pretty as it has a slight glitter to it. I did not get any pictures of it on my lips since it looked like I had an allergic reaction and I was more concerned about getting it off my lips. Also I’ve never tried a lip plumper so maybe this is normal and actually a great product but I couldn’t get over it and I’m too afraid to try another one. 

Next up is the Trestique mini highlight stick in Maldives Luminescent. Ever since the first Trestique product I got I’ve been in love. They are all so pigmented and this highlighter is no exception. It’s a very pretty nude/gold in a cream formula so it goes on super smooth, and the colour is super pigmented. I can’t wait to play around with it on some looks.

Next is the Naked Advanced Aloe Cream by Naked Cosmetics. At first I was slightly disappointed because I always get so many creams, but once I tried it my opinion took a complete 180. The formula is super hydrating and you don’t need much to do your whole face. It’s almost like a whipped texture and very light feeling, but trust me it works wonders. My face feels so hydrated and smooth after using it and it’s not greasy at all. This is exactly what I need with the cooler air drying out my skin.

The fourth item is a shadow brush from Coastal Scents. The Elite Bamboo Collection Medium shadow brush. This item was probably the second most anticipated item this month because I love brushes, and I’m slowly trying to grow my collection. While I have yet to use this brush on my eyes yet it does feel super soft to the touch and I can’t wait to try it out. 

The final thing I got in bag was the “Perfect Hair Day- 5 in 1 styling treatment” by Living Proof. This claims to smooth, volumize, condition, strengthen and polish. I haven’t tried this yet because my bathroom has been being renovated for the past month and I haven’t been able to have a shower here so I just left my basic hair products at my moms for when I shower. But I can’t wait to try this out since it conditions hair and I can never get enough of conditioning products. 


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