Trip to the Big City.. Toronto that is

If you follow mimg_1694y Twitter you will know that I have spent the last few days in Toronto so as my trip comes to an end I have realized a few things 1) I am not ready to leave… Well maybe I’m ready to go home and see my little Stinker Bum… because 4 days is a long time without him and his cuddles but thank you Auntie Coll for keeping me sane with cute snapchats of my handsome man, like this one! 2) It’s time to follow my heart and take esthetics and bring my love of beauty to a career 3) I need to finish number 2 so I can get the heck out of Sault Ste. Marie and move back down south, except this time somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

While here I was able to reconnect with my high school best friend Alexis. She is currently living my dream, she completed esthetics a few years ago at Humber College and since has worked as a makeup artist at Shoppers, and also has recently began having interviews with other companies such as Caudalie, Benefit and MAC. My first night in Toronto was spent sipping wine, hottubbing (not while drinking wine, and talking makeup with her, and that is how I decided that I need to complete 2 and 3 on my above list since I had been contemplating taking it and not finishing graphic design.

This trip was also very much needed as a mother daughter bonding experience because there are a lot of times when we don’t see eye to eye and we fight (I blame it on being miserable at home, because we did not fight once on this trip, well except she was rather mad when I passed out in the bathtub and flooded the hotel…)This trip gave us the opportunity to bond and for me to show her around the city since it was her first time here since elementary school and it was my like 20th time since I started College.

img_1724We did a lot of your typical Toronto touristy activities; wondered around aimlessly down Yonge, went shopping at the Eaton Centre, and explored China Town. I think my all time favourite part was going makeup shopping and with her and doing her makeup, because she said she needed new makeup (and barely packed any) so I used mine and she was so happy with the outcome and she looked amazing.(Why did I not get any pictures of it 😦 ) So while I was grabbing a “few things” we got her a whole new makeup collection, and since she is frugal and hates spending money on herself we went with NYX and Essence since they are very affordable but still good quality.



My mom is the complete opposite of me, I mean when it comes to clothes were alike in the sense that we would rather get a $5 shirt from Walmart and go thrifting but makeup I splurge and this weekend I certainly did. While I did not buy anything from Sephora, I did stop at MAC and while at Shoppers I picked up some Benefit and Urban Decay, as well as lots of NYX lippies and a few Essence products I’ve been eyeing up. But I will be doing a post on my whole Toronto haul shortly.

My haul from the trip 
As for flat lay props I was able to pick up quite a few really cute ones from China Town as well as the bit of thrifting we did while we were here. But a few are glass so I’m hoping that they don’t break on my flight home today.


It is now currently 10:50am as I’m writing this post and I need to be out of the hotel room by 11 so I am going to pack up my laptop and head down to the lobby, and finish this post up when I get to the airport since we have to arrive early and Porter has a super nice lounge with complementary beverages and snacks.

Update: It is now 2:45 and I’m at the airport now, I have about an hour and 45 minutes until I board my flight and a about 3 hours until I’m home. My mom and I went adventuring down by the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre. We found some super cute Toronto Blue Jays things for Bentley! Speaking of the Jays there was quite some noise downtown as the boys won their spot in the ALDS in their final game last night right here in Toronto. Seriously, I could hear the chanting from our room in the Chelsea Hotel until like 1 am. GO JAYS GO!

Now I know that this post is not completely beauty related but I figured it’s a good way to work on my blogging skills, AND it explains how I came to the conclusion that I’m going to do esthetics next year!

xo Danielle


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