September Favourites ❤

Where has the time gone? Seriously, it’s already October 7th., So I’m a week late but again better late than never right? I promise I will get on better track with posting on time, but it is a little difficult with a 7 month old baby who’s constantly trying to grab my phone or type on my computer when I’m on it. But boy oh boy, I’m sure everyone knows by now that fall is my all time favourite season. So some of these favourite should not come as a surprise to you, also there are a few favourites that are actually older products that I have rediscovered my love for.

Without further ado lets get into these products I was loving during the month of September…

The first is actually a set of 2 items that I have been using together, that being the Tarte Maracuja Oil mixed with my Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I love the Stay Matte on its own, but it is a very thick and full coverage foundation, but I have recently discovered that if I mix a few drops of the oil in my foundation before I apply it to make face it goes on so perfectly, but it does not feel as thick as if it were applying the foundation alone. It also adds a very nice dewy look to it.

The next favourite actually goes hand in hand with the first, it is my Luxie 532 Rose Gold Round Top Blender Makeup Brush. I got this brush in a 5 piece set available here a few months ago, while I had used most of the brushes I didn’t actually use this one for much, but once I started mixing the foundation with oil I found my sponge did not apply as well anymore so I picked this brush up and I am so glad I did, it applies so evenly, I just have to wash it every day or 2 but I mean its better for my skin that way anyways. While Luxie brushes are pricey they are 100% worth it in my opinion because they are so beautiful and work so well.

Next up is the Makeup Forever AquaXL pencil in Matte Black. I had actually got this liner from Generation Beauty in May from the Makeup Forever booth. This is literally the greatest eyeliner I’ve ever used, it is so pigmented and has the most amazing staying power. I personally do not use it for the waterline since I use either a white, nude or no liner on my waterline. But with that being said I am terrible at applying liquid liner, so I picked up this liner out of my stash and decided to try and now I use it every time I go for liner on the lid.

Next up is not a makeup product, but a hair product; errr well line. Anyone who knows me know that even more than makeup my hair is my baby, but I recently cut off a foot of hair because of how damaged it was. After that cut I made a promise to myself, and that promise was to never let me hair get that damaged again. And that’s where the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil line came into play. I swear this line is heaven in a bottle. It smells so delicious, almost nutty which would make sense since it’s made with coconut, argan, sunflower, chamomile, amia and soja oils. It claims “Dry, lifeless hair? Transform it. Renourish and rejuvenate hair with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil system. Strands go from dry & lifeless to soft & lustrous in just one wash.” And it does just that. I use the shampoo, conditioner as well as the penetrating oil every time I wash my hair.

Now my next 2 are not beauty related but I need to share because they are just too good not to share.

I mean it’s a given that there would something pumpkin on here and here it is. Is it a pumpkin pie matcha latte. As a new mom I am always so exhausted but cannot stand the taste of coffee, so in steps matcha. For those who don’t know matcha is a powdered form of green tea; which is high in caffeine. It comes in manly flavours but out of all the ones I’ve tried this has to be my favourite. The pumpkin pie kind can be purchased from DAVIDsTEA and made into a latte there but you can also purchase the matcha on its own and make it at home. While 1 latte costs about $5 there I purchased 100 grams for $18 and make them at home using a scoop of matcha and frothed vanilla almond milk for under $1 a cup.

And my last favourite of the month is a song. Now I have only been listening to it for the last few days of the month but “My Way” by Calvin Harris has easily become my favourite. Its just so catchy, and I I’ve always had a thing for Calvin Harris’ songs. Take a listen below

Do you have any of the same favourites this month? Let me know below, and if not let me know your faves and maybe they will be mine next month

xo Danielle


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