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Smashbox Light It Up: Lipstick + Lip Mattifier Set Swatches and Review


Skip down to the 4th paragraph for just the swatches and reviews of the Smashbox Light It Up set, or you can continue reading to find out how I got this amazing holiday for FREE.

While I have always been a little hesitant on entering Instagram giveaways mainly because if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all. But I bit the bullet and entered Sephora Updates giveaway for the “Sephora Give Me Some Lip Collection”. Well it turns out that lady luck was on my side and the stars aligned and I won her giveaway. Shortly after winning she had sent me a DM saying how sorry she was and that that set is actually sold out now and she was waiting for the winner to just get it shipped to them to save on shipping costs. She gave me a few more options on things I could get and I chose the Smashbox “Light It Up Lipstick + Mattifier Set”, but again lady luck is never on my side and since I needed to get it shipped to my American address something went wrong in the process. So she was nice enough to send me an e-gift card and I purchased the set myself and actually was able to ship it to my house from the Canadian site!!

She is such a sweet and genuine girl who has an awesome account that shows all the current promo codes for Sephora (the American site), upcoming products, and new releases! And rumour has it she has a pretty sweet giveaway for when she hits 300 followers 😉

Basically with this set it is a $117 value for $34, with it you get 6 mini Be Legendary lipsticks in some of their most popular colours, as well as 1 mini of their new Insta-Matte, lipstick mattifier. Overall it is a fantastic deal and is rather perfect because for the amount that I actually wear lipstick deluxe sample sizes are perfect for me. But based on my one swatch there is a very good chance I will be repurchasing the Insta-Matte since I am on a matte loving kick.






The first colour in the set is Famous, which is described as a pink neutral. It is the lightest in the set and also the most nude, but I find it more peach than pink. But I will let you be the judge of that.

The next colour is Fig, which is described as a red grape colour. I would say that is a very accurate description as it reminds me of red wine, but it is such a beautiful colour and perfect for fall.

The next colour is Inspiration, which is described as bright fuchsia pink, and that is a spot on description. It is very bright and bold. And for anyone who knew me in high school it is the same colour as my prom shoes lol.

The fourth colour is Legendary, which is described as a true red, and in this case it could possibly be the red lip classic that Taylor Swift referred to in Style. You really can’t get any redder than this.

The next colour is Primrose, which is described as a mauve pink. I think this is a pretty accurate description of the colour however it is more on the pink side of the spectrum. However it is a pretty colour and will probably be my most used out of the set.

The final colour is Tabloid, which is described as a vibrant purple. And boy, they certainly weren’t kidding when they said vibrant. I can honestly say that I don’t know how I feel about this colour because of how bright it is. It is a pretty shade of purple, but I do not think it is for me. But who knows maybe one day I will need a bright purple lipstick.

Swatches from left to right: Famous, Fig, Inspiration, Legendary, Primrose, and Tabloid
Last is the Insta-Matte mini. And from first swatch I was in LOVE, it takes the semi-glossy consistency of the Be Legendary lipsticks and transforms them to a matte sheen instantly. As I mentioned earlier I will probably repurchase this as I haven’t even tried it on my lips and I am already in love.

The Insta-Matte applied to “Famous” only
This set is limited edition as part of the Smashbox Holiday Sets, so get this great deal while you can!

xo Danielle


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