MAC Shadow of the Month

MAC Shadow of the Month-September 

So the reason I actually got into blogging was from someone who I met at GenBeauty in May. I was standing in line because none of my friends came with me (and now they are all jealous of the stuff I got, muahaha sorry guys) and I overheard the girls behind me wondering what Too Faced would be giving away. Well I had just been on Instagram and saw that they would be giving us a full sized of their unreleased Born This Way concealer so I turned around and let them know. Well needless to say they opened their group to me for the 2 days we were there and I couldn’t be more grateful.

One of them, Alanna has a beauty blog (which you should totally check out here) and we got to talking about how many opportunities and networks there are for beauty bloggers. So right after GenBeauty I began working on my Instagram a lot more and trying to get noticed, but then I realized that instead of sharing pretty little pictures, maybe I should write posts that go more in depth about the photos. Because as much as a photo tells 1000 words, it isn’t going to tell someone how a product works.So that leads us to current day.

While brainstorming some post ideas I browsed through a bunch of beauty blogs, one of them being ClassyOnTheRun, and that is where I got the idea of this series, creating a custom MAC shadow palette with one colour chosen each month. While I have a ton of palettes I have yet to purchase an individual shadow, and figured this is the perfect way to a) look back on my first year of beauty blogging when it’s complete b) expand my shadow collection, since most of my palettes are nudes c) give me something to blog about monthly. 

So while I was in Toronto last week I had picked out my first 2 shadows as well as the palette to put them in. (I know I was technically there in October but I still felt the need to purchase one for September since I started my blog half way through the month.)
With that being said I picked out the shade “Coppering” for my September shadow of the month. img_1836

There’s no surprise that I picked out a perfect fall colour, because let’s face it, everyone knows by now I love fall. But this shadow was hands down one of the most beautiful shadows, it’s an orange copper in MAC’s “Veluxe Pearl” finish. I figured it would be the perfect match to use with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, and it’s the first of that colour scheme for myself.

I love how fun this series is going to be because let’s face it you can never have too many shadows, and it gives me the opportunity to pick out shades that I wouldn’t get in my usual palettes. Also the price point is amazing, it’s only $8 per pro palette refill, where as it’s $19 for an individual potted shadow.

I can’t wait to show you guys my October shadow, it’s something very different but it will be perfect for my mermaid Halloween costume, so there’s your hint and be sure keep an eye out for Octobers MAC shadow of the month in the next few weeks.

Do you have any recommendations for monthly posts? Or any favourite MAC shadow s that I should look into for later months? Let me know 🙂

xo Danielle 


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