Essence Nail Art| Satin Matt Review 

Maybe it’s just me but I find something so beautiful about Matte. Matte lips, Matte nails, Matte finished books, I just can’t help myself. Now 90% of the lips I wear are a matte finish but I’ve always been dying to try a matte top coat for nails. Enter “Essence Satin Matte”. Now I was shocked to see that Essence has a matte top coat because when I think Essence I think of the basics, but they really have upped their game since I last browsed their products.

The polish itself has an off-white look in the bottle and my first though was that it does not look clear, but we will see how it turns out as the bottle says to “use your favourite nail polish as a base. Cover it with this top coat for a satin matt finish”

Well that seems easy enough, so let’s give it a go. 

First I filed and prepped my nails using my 4 sided nail buffer and a regular nail file. TA DA my short ugly nails that are finally growing out from my stress biting 

Next I painted my nails with 2 coats of Ciate London polish in “Dangerous Affair” no surprise here since it’s a perfect fall colour. I also opted to paint my accent finger with a gold metallic polish from Avon. 

Next was time to test out the Essence Satin Matt polish. I applied one generous coat to each of the nails. (with the exception of the gold nail) The polish does not apply matte but within a few second it does begin to mattify in front of your eyes. Which I thought was super cool. 

Now a few things I did notice about this was that if your nail polish is not applied evenly under neath it is very noticeable once it dries. Also it does take a little longer than normal polish to dry so be careful not to touch them on anything as the smudge creates a very uneven tone in the nails. And lastly if you’re looking for a very matte top coat this one might not be the one for you because as the name states it does dry to a very pretty satin finish. 

Aside from those few minor errors I had with my first application I do have to say that I love this product and I can promise that it will be a very common product used on my nails. 

xo Danielle 


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