Why Christen Dominique is my Beauty Blogging Inspiration

Now I low key feel like a complete creep writing this post, but I feel like it has to be done since Christen is one of my main inspirations for creating daniellemarieexo.

Before I actually knew who who was she was always my favourite Ipsy stylist simply based on what they always tell us not to do, but by judging a book by its cover because of her natural beauty but the more I got into watching beauty vids on the tube I realized that she is also so down to earth and extremely talented. (Basically she is #goals, is it weird to want to be her? because I wouldn’t mind) Like have you seen her recent halloween makeup looks? thats pure talent. Check out her Harley Quinn tutorial below !

Not to mention I love the fact that her channel features a little bit of everything, it has tutorials, drugstore looks/dupes, reviews, inspired looks, travel diaries and just about anything else beauty related you can think of.

I absolutely love how she takes the time to connect with her fans on all aspects of social media, I may be completely guilty of fan girling when she replied to me on twitter and Instagram… Sorry not sorry. But she also does shout outs on her snapchat of comments she receives on her videos. Again so down to earth.

Now once I followed her on snapchat, that’s when the love got real. Being a mom myself I absolutely love how she includes Jayden in her snaps, it gives me faith that I will hopefully be able to be successful as a beauty blogger even with a child. And truth be told this is probably the main reason why she is my favourite, because some days I just need that inspiration with a baby who doesn’t like to let you do much. So thank you Christen, it’s very much needed.

But I would have to say that the best thing that happened was meeting her at Generation Beauty this past May in Toronto. She was the most genuine and sweetest girl ever, and she was actually the only meet up that I went to. With that being said hers was at Makeup Forever right when the doors opened on the second day, so I instantly ran to the meet up line and I was the second person to meet her. She not only chatted with me for a few minutes, but also took a photo and then signed my makeup bag that she designed for GenBeauty. I think that meeting her was part of what made my first Genbeauty experience so amazing.

If you want to see why she’s such an inspiration to me, you should check her out on her social media.


xo Danielle



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